March 13 2011, 02:06 PM

Blaine’s Existence in the Glee-verse: An Evaluation

We all know that Blaine Anderson’s existence within the world that Glee takes place is a little different than most of the other characters. However, as time progresses his importance to the story and to the people around him has increased exponentially. Here’s my interpretation of what’s going on. (Please note, this is an evaluation of the character only and has nothing to do with Darren. Blaine and Darren are different. ;) )

The fact is, Blaine’s was created for one reason: Kurt. That’s changed over time, yes, but in the beginning, Blaine was to be a random, unattached gay!Yoda of a friend that was to help Kurt through his current issues and then disappear off the face of the planet. If I remember correctly, he was only suppose to be around for three to five episodes, max. This is so incredibly different than any character on Glee ever before. Characters and plot lines are added for their relationship to the Glee Club. Blaine, on the other hand, had no connections to the other characters in the show, other than being on an opposing team. They had never met him; they had never even acknowledged his existence except for his friendship with Kurt. So, without Kurt, Blaine would never have existed in the first place, but that has grown to making him a pivotal part of the Glee-verse. Lets take a look at how it’s changed.

Never Been Kissed:

We’re introduced to this guy. Just this random guy that we know nothing about. His name is Blaine, he’s gay, and he’s a good singer; that’s about all we’ve got. He lays down some advice that exacerbates the problem, but he does his best to help and we appreciate that as Kurt fans. We like him because Kurt likes him. If Kurt had rolled his eyes once at anything Blaine had said in that episode, our affections would have plummeted. At this stage, we approve of what Kurt approves of. He alone controls Blaine’s existence to us.

The Substitute:

There are two separate things from this episode that make Blaine real. The first is the fact that Kurt and Mercedes discuss Blaine without him being present. This expands his existence beyond that of just a moon in Kurt orbit, to something of more relevance to the world. The discussion informs us that outside of what we see, Kurt and Blaine are communicating and friendly. He also shares this with Mercedes, making Blaine’s existence stretch beyond himself to another person. The second important piece is the scene between them. We get to see Blaine actually communicating with someone who isn’t Kurt, but is important to us. However, the conversation and the things he says are basically superficial, so it’s passed off as a funny moment of Kurt with his friend.


While Blaine isn’t present nor is he acknowledged in this episode, Kurt’s transfer to Dalton makes Blaine’s importance to the story jump up like mad. Kurt’s going to Dalton; Blaine is at Dalton; so if we see Kurt at Dalton, we’re going to see Blaine. This flips the ideals that we’ve had of Blaine slightly because, while in the past he’s existed only for Kurt, Kurt is now going to the place where Blaine exists. When it comes to Dalton and the Warblers, Blaine holds the power of their relevance and by adding Kurt to that, it’s giving Blaine the tiniest bit of power of Kurt’s existence in the show.

Special Education:

Our first taste of Blaine as he really is. We’re starting to get a real feel for him as a person, but he’s still so closed off. This has to do with his personality and the way he attempts to carry himself, but it also acts as a buffer between him and us. We want to love him because wee know how important he is to Kurt, but we’re not quite sure what’s going on. He’s stony, slightly cocky, and saying more things that we don’t want to hear. Blaine is up in the clouds somewhere that we can’t really see, but we give him the benefit of the doubt.



One scene that we lived on during the months of hiatus, but was completely ripped apart during SLS. We learn later that everything that happened here was basically not at all what it seemed like and that’s what made it important. He’s flirty and charming, everything we’ve come to expect for Blaine. Kurt acts just the same and acknowledges his feeling for Blaine, making him all the more important to us. But what this scene will eventually prove is that we see Blaine through Kurt glasses. We see what he sees and we love what he loves. For example: Blaine says that he’s practicing the songs for Kings Island Christmas Spectacular. Kurt is impressed and we’re impressed. However, in SLS, Blaine says ‘I know embarrassment, I’ve performed at theme parks.’ This shows us that we were impressed by something that Blaine doesn’t think very highly of at all.

Super Bowl:

To break the hiatus, we get Blaine and Kurt being added to the episode rather haphazardly. However, Blaine takes a completely new step in his importance to the show. We see him spending time and enjoying himself with people other than Kurt. He’s communicating with Rachel Berry, another one of the most important people on the show. We also get some Kurt and Blaine banter; friendly, enjoyable, fun. This comes a long way from when Blaine’s only place was to support Kurt and his problems, but doesn’t detach from that existence. He pretty much saves the day by giving Rachel and Mercedes the idea of joining the team themselves. Blaine did that himself. His existence in the show is becoming less relying on Kurt. He is slowly becoming his own person.

Silly Love Songs:

Oh, this episode. Besides the obvious importance to Klaine, SLS is detrimental to Blaine’s development. In this episode, Kurt finally loses the image that he has of Blaine and we do too. We get to see the real Blaine for the first time and while it’s painful to watch the controversy pass between Blaine and Kurt, we get a clear look at what Blaine has been doing in every episode up until this. We learn that his charm comes naturally and easily and he’s not always aware of how he’s using it. How he’s uncomfortable and idiotic and far less perfect than we have ever believed before. We start to see that he has a very raw heart; open to love and caring, but damaged to the point that he’s afraid of hurting himself and Kurt. Blaine also hints at the fact that he’s changing. His statement about breaking away from the Warblers tendency to be ‘porcelain birds’ is in direct contrast to the statements he made in Special Education. This image of him isn’t new, but it’s altered and, after we’ve shifted through all the changes, we find a sprouting character coming through. Blaine is right on the cusp of being someone.



I could go on for hours about this one, but let me just make the most important point to save us some time: Blaine is at a party with the New Directions. He’s involved in a world that he really has not been involved with before. His existence has been floating around in left field, tethered down by Kurt and the Warblers, but he’s suddenly made the leap over the separation between them. He’s talking to people like Finn, who he’s never seen him meet before. His relevance and inclusion in the New Directions world makes it clear that he is a pivotal part of the Glee-verse and, though he hasn’t ever done it before, he can survive among them, on his own. He’s not just ‘that Warbler guy’ or ‘Kurt’s friend’ anymore. He’s Blaine Anderson.


The first time we’ve ever seen Blaine without Kurt and he breaks our hearts into pieces. Blaine has reached the point where he can be his own character and his story line doesn’t always have to involve his other half, but in Sexy we see how much dimension he really has. He’s charming and foolish, but his heart is so immense and caring that we’re left craving more. We want what is totally and completely Blaine. He officially exists.

So, what’s coming?

We know the rumors. We’ve speculated about what’s going to happen from here, but it’s my firm belief that whatever happens, whether he transfers to McKinley or gets hit by a bus, the character will survive it because he’s RELAVENT! Once upon a time, Blaine could have been lifted out of the story with not even a hiccup caused to the rest of the Glee-verse. That’s not possible anymore. He’s knotted himself into too much story… and our hearts. He exists and he’s NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The time of Blaine Anderson is just beginning. 

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