May 17 2011, 03:04 PM

50 Reasons Why Blaine Needs to Transfer to McKinley Already…

  1. Literally all of the New Directions love him already and I’m pretty sure Blaine is better friends with them than anyone at Dalton anyway. 
  2. Basically all of McKinley loves him and they just love it when he sings.
  3. He could hang out on the couch in the Hummel-Hudson house with Finn and Burt ALL THE TIME. 
  4. He would finally put Figgins to shame. 
  5. Blaine+Brad friendship, Blaine+Band friendship, Blaine being friends with any of those background people that only he would notice. 
  6. He would be singing with people who he is actually taller than. 
  7. He would get to be with Kurt, beating the system and changing the world as a BAMFing Power Couple. 
  8. The other Warblers would have a chance for a solo. 
  9. Blaine playing the piano. 
  10. A school with girls who can hit on Blaine all they want, but he’s only got eyes for Kurt. 
  11. Blaine playing any instrument you give him because he can.
  12. We wouldn’t have to calculate whether Blaine was or wasn’t in an episode. He would just be in all of them. 
  13. Lots of chances for a teary-eyed Blaine watching moving diva performances. 
  14. We would get to seem him actually dance. 
  15. He could stand up to his fears of running away, bullies, and all that stuff he couldn’t do at his old school.
  16. More chances for klisses. 
  17. More chance of seeing Blaine’s family (IE: Lea Salonga).
  18. Blaine in street clothes people clothes all the time. 
  19. Darren would actually get to meet all the guest stars, and not just have to run into them in the makeup trailer. 
  20. Brittany+Blaine bromance could actually happen. 
  21. Ever see a background!Blaine? Me either, but I’m sure it’s adorable and we could see it if he went to McKinley.
  22. He could get slushied. 
  23. Blaine and Bieste could actually meet, leading to Dot and Darren’s greatest wish of Blaine+Bieste spin-off. 
  24. He could help Kurt help Dave.
  25. We were promised more silly Rachel+Blaine duets. 
  26. No, Blaine. You get detention for walking on the furniture in this school. 
  27. The dramatic story line where Blaine would have to face the Warblers in competition, where they would be all epic with a new lead. 
  28. Blaine would have a locker, which he would hang things in, which we would see. 
  29. He would finally get to learn how to pick a fitting emotional song that expresses his feelings.
  30. Blaine in group numbers. 
  31. Chance of Blaine without gel. 
  32. Sad!Blaine cries.
  33. Angry!Blaine says you are a horrible person. 
  34. Uncomfortable!Blaine cant look at Finn. 
  35. Happy!Blaine is going on a date with his Kurtsie.
  36. Determined!Blaine actually has to work for a solo that he wants. 
  37. Puppy!Blaine doesn’t know what’s going on, but he likes it.
  38. Klaine sitting next to each other in choir room shots.
  39. He would become the local Dr. Phil, giving better advice then Emma.  
  40. Sue could finally give Blaine a ridiculous nickname. 
  41. He could have more one-liners. 
  42. Blaine’s opinion on stupid weekly lessons. 
  43. His dapperness would go unappreciated; thus, hilarity ensues. 
  44. We could establish that his last name isn’t actually ‘Warbler’. 
  45. You don’t need someone to pay your bills for you if you saved all that money from tuition and just went to public school.
  46. Blaine would get to sing with Artie and Mercedes. It may just be me, but I think Darren, Kevin, and Amber would sound awesome together. 
  47. Blaine in crazy matching New Directions performance costumes. 
  48. Sassy Gay Blaine says ‘Whatwhatwhat are you doing?’
  49. Blaine could be on ‘Fondue for Two’.
  50. Sentimental Klaine duets with no one else around.

Soooo why isn’t Blaine at McKinley yet?

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